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  • SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura)

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Chapter 3: Uchiha SasukeEdit

  • Sakura sits next to Sasuke. She has heart shaped eyes while sitting next to him.
  • Sakura wants to steal Sasuke's first kiss.
  • Naruto thinks that "Her eyes say it all" when Sakura looks at Sasuke.
  • Sakura wants to be on the same team as Naruto.
  • When Sasuke is put on the same team as Sakura, Sakura cheers.
  • During lunch, Sakura thinks of how she can get Sasuke to like her. She has an imagination where Sasuke complements her large forehead, her most predominant feature.
  • Sakura says that all she wants is for Sasuke to acknowledge her.

Chapter 4: Hatake KakashiEdit

  • Sakura thinks that Sasuke's ambition is cool and blushes.
  • Sakura's likes and dreams are all about Sasuke.

Chapter 6: Not Sasuke-kunEdit

  • Sakura looks for Sasuke, concerned for his well-being.
  • Kakashi is able to render Sakura unconscious with a genjutsu of an injured Sasuke.

Chapter 7: Kakashi's ConclusionEdit

  • Sasuke wakes Sakura up after she faints at the sight of Sasuke buried up to his chin in the ground.
  • Sakura hugs Sasuke when she sees that he's alright.
  • Sasuke confides in Sakura some of his story of becoming an avenger.

Chapter 8: That's Why You're FailuresEdit

  • Sakura is inspired by Sasuke offering Naruto lunch and offers hers instead.

Chapter 10: Two DownEdit

  • Sasuke protects Sakura from enemy ninja.

Chapter 14: Secret PlanEdit

  • Sakura cries out when Zabuza attacks Sasuke.

Chapter 18: Training CommencesEdit

  • Sakura wants Sasuke to acknowledge her abilities during the training exercise.

Chapter 19: Symbol of CourageEdit

  • The cover features Sakura cuddling a mini-Sasuke plushie.
  • Sasuke blushes as he asks Naruto what Sakura told him.

Chapter 21: Encounter in the ForestEdit

  • Sakura praises Sasuke after he catches Naruto.

Chapter 23: Two Surprise AttacksEdit

  • When Sakura comments on how cool Sasuke is, Kakashi remarks to himself that she is way too hung up on Sasuke.

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